• Emerald Avenue,
  • Blackburn,
  • Lancashire, BB1 9RP,
  • Tel: 01254 56297
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About Our School

'Free to Flourish'


We are a large, happy and friendly primary school situated on the outskirts of the town of Blackburn.  We have lovely surroundings and a large school field.  The school was opened in 1929 and has had many improvements over the years including a major extension in 2006 which incorporates new classrooms for our Reception age pupils, a library, new offices and a spacious and welcoming entrance foyer. Our fantastic Nursery opened in September 2011 and has proved to be very popular with parents and pupils alike. 




"Children, parents, governors and all staff to work together to ensure that everyone fulfils their potential and enjoys a rewarding experience".



We will be a school that is caring and nurturing and have a learning environment where children are encouraged to be respectful, responsible and independent and are given the necessary skills to succeed in life. 




We want our pupils to be happy, to foster an attitude of care and respect towards people and the environment, to develop tolerance, respect and co-operation.  


  • We seek to create a school where: 
  • Children are treated with respect, care, patience and fairness  
  • The school environment is safe, warm, secure and stimulating  
  • There is a lively, creative atmosphere that is conducive to learning
  • There is a positive climate where emphasis is placed on praise rather than criticism 
  • All pupils achieve success 
  • All pupils have access to a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum, irrespective of race, gender or special needs  
  • The teaching is intellectually challenging for all pupils  
  • Pupils are motivated, interested and work productively 
  • Control is firm but fair, with children being treated as individuals 
  • Pupils are empowered to realise their potential We are committed to high expectations of our pupils, our staff and our school.
  • We all try to provide the highest standards which parents and the general public have a right to expect.